Resources for Classroom Teachers - Some Websites and Tips to Help With New Comers

  • Dear Classroom teachers,

    Most of you know the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when a new student arrives at your doorstep and doesn't speak a "lick" of English. I do.

    Everybody I have worked with has done an outstanding job trying to accommodate the newcomers and make them feel liked, loved, and safe. 

    I know I'm not there enough for you. And I  know that offering you another website instead of real help is akin to telling you to go fly a kite. And you may even like flying kites. Ben Franklin did. But that's not the point. Sometimes you find yourself wondering, "I wonder how you say 'rain'  in Korean.  Or I wish I had a picture dictionary."

    These links are for those occasions.

    Browse them and see if there's anything you may use, and save them in your favorites menu.

    Hang in there,