Tests, Assessments, - Special accommodations and their impact on the academic career of the ELL stud

  • LAS (Language Assessment Scales) initial identification of a new student to the district to determine if the student qualifies for the ELL program. Given only one time at the beginning of the year. No accommodations available except large print.

    AIR Assessment of academic knowledge from the state. All ELL students have the availability to use bilingual or English Dictionary (paper or electronic) and extended time of up to one school day. 

    Some students who have been in the district fewer than three years, may have a translator or bilingual test booklet in Spanish if their native language is Spanish. 

    These tests do not impact the students directly. They only tell us what the strengths and weaknesses are of a particular student and the test is also used to rate the schools and the district.

    Third Grade Guarantee

    There is one exception where the Air test affects students: a new law called Third Grade Guarantee.

    It only affects students who fail third grade reading state (AIR) test. Those students will repeat the third grade. There are exemptions for the students with Individual Education Plans and ESL students. Students who have been in the US schools fewer than two years will be promoted to fourth grade regardless of the test results. However, if this is their third year, the law will apply fully. To make it simple, if the student started his studies in the US in Kindergarten, the law applies, but if they started in the first grade, they are exempt from the law.