Classroom News - We Are Halfway Done

  • This page displays the goings on in our classroom, if that's what you want to call this prime piece of real estate in any school building. Be it at Lake Cable, Strausser, Sauder or Amherst. But hey, the tight space keeps the student-teacher ratio spectacular. 

    Hello and welcome to Jackson new students:

    Juan, Khloe, Kyle, Peng Yu, Imtithal, Iptikhal, Rudra, Elian, Jason, Iker, 

    Welcome back!

     Vincent, Vina, Will and Wilfredo, Yihyun, Ziling, Ruben, Jimena, Vivian, . 

    And farewell!

    The Ortiz family, The Park family, Kelly and Margaret, Daniel and Annika.

    Below is the link to the Ohio Department of Education, Lau Resource Center, Language proficiency standards and OTELA.

    Standards For Teaching English as a Second Language