My Resources

  • Kindergarten Websites: Learning practice in a fun way!
    One of the best sites for Kindergarteners.

    This site helps with letter, sounds, sight words, numbers, and more!

    PBS Kids
    This site allows your child to pick their favorite show and play learning games with their favorite characters.

    Kids National Geographic
    Science related games! 

    Highlights Kids
    Stories, games, and hidden pictures!

    Fuzzy Lion Ears
    This website helps students identify different sounds in words. This is a great way for students to practice learning all the sounds.

    Fun Brain
    Reading and Math games at different levels of difficulty.

    This website says a word and then the student must choose the correct word from the list of three. The students must know the beginning sound to figure out each word.

    The ABC Game
    This website has students identify objects that have the same beginning sound as a letter shown on the screen. (No sound to listen too. All Visual.)

    Letter Sounds
    Children move pictures to the letters that make the first sounds of the word that describes the picture.

    Picture Match
    This website has beginning sounds as well as long and short vowel sounds!

    Phonic Fighter
    This game requires children to match the correct beginning letter to the pictures.