Sight Words

  • Our Complete Words of the Day for the Whole Year:


    These are the 56 KINDERGARTEN SIGHT WORDS that your child will be expected to read fluently.  (These are the words that will be assessed this year.)

    I,  see,  a,  red,  blue,  yellow,  green,  orange,  purple,  brown,  black,  pink,  white,  one,  two,  three, four,  five,  six,  seven,  eight,  nine,  ten,  me,  like,  we,  go,  the,  my  can,  and,  at,  is,  are, in,  will,  he,  she,  has,  was,  it,  am,  of,  you,  not,  but, his,  her,  so,  do,  say,  little,  all,  be,  here,  said

    We will be teaching some additional words that will make reading, writing, and the transition to first grade easier.  They will be taught after the required sight words.  These will be referred to as the “bonus words”.  

    to,  this,  does,  for,  on,  look,  that,  play,  went,  they,  come,  with,  what,  have,  into,  new,  want,  now,  down,  out,  our,  there,  good,  under,  because