What do counselors do?


    Every month I join my friends in their classrooms to present either a character lesson or a lesson that is developmentally appropriate and preventative in nature.


    I meet with friends on a short-term basis along with periodic check-ins. Meetings are brief (5 - 20 minutes), and are always confidential. Parents are not always notified prior to or after meetings. I assure you, I will call you should I feel it is necessary or just to touch base. Again, do not ever hesistate to call me - there is no question or concern too small.  We are a TEAM!


    Groups are scheduled at the convenience of the teachers and do not interfere with academic time.

    During the school year, I offer various groups consistening of approximatley 4 - 8 students. Each group runs for about 4 - 8 weeks, depending on topic. Groups are held at various times (primarily during lunches). Students may be pulled during class time, but not during academic instruction time. Some groups include, but are not limited to: Friendship, Grief/Loss, Divorce and Anger.


    I coordinate TEAM meetings for friends who are referred by their teacher for academic or behavior concerns. The IAT TEAM consists of students, parent(s) / guardian(s), and other designated team members. Members meet to brainstorm interventions to assist the student in meeting their goal at either, home, school and within the community.


    In addition to working with all of my friends, school counselors also work to help parents and teachers solve problems, too. For example, I may help parents set up outside counseling for their child, or offer suggestions for problems that are happening at home. I may work with teachers to set up plans to assist in imrpoving a child's classroom behavior; or work with them to brainstorm different strategies to help a student learn the best they can.

    Note: I have outside-local resources of community agencies (counselors/psychologists) and tutors available upon request. Please contact me via phone, e-mail, or in person. 

    I also consult with teachers and administrators about issues that effect kids and the best ways to meet their needs. I help coordinate projects and activities like our 4th/5th grade Cub Council, daily character education announcements, Polar Bear Helpers and Red Ribbon Week, just to name a few.