Classroom Information



    As a team, the second grade teachers have adopted a new philosophy on homework called "unhomework." Each week, students will have a paper sent home with 5 choice assignments on it. The choices correlate to various skills we have or will be focusing on in the classroom. For each choice they complete, students can fill out a Learning Lotto raffle ticket. Every Monday, raffle tickets are entered into a drawing. The winners get to roll a die for a prize. The odds of winning are upped when you complete more choices and submit more tickets.





    We have a clip chart system in our classroom in which students start every day on green and can clip down for not following the classroom guidelines. At the end of each day, students will record the color in which they ended their day in their take home folders. We hope the folder will facilitate meaningful discussions regarding your student's behavior and that it promotes a sense of responsibility and accountability within your child.


    Student of the Week: 

    I will send home a notice with your child a week before it is your child's turn to be Student of the week. Please send your child in with 1-5 pictures to display, a show and tell item, and their favorite book on Monday of your child's week. Please note that technological toys (iPads, phones, etc.) are not permitted for your child's show and tell item.