GO Math!

  • MATH

    Jackson Local Schools have adopted a new math curriculum this year called, GO Math!.  GO Math! is a comprehensive Kindergarten-Grade 6 mathematics program, which was developed to support the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  

    “Since GO Math! was built to align to the Common Core, all mathematical practices are completely embedded in the lessons.  The Common Core standards are looking for more depth and rigor to prepare students for college and career.  To do this, they call for the application of higher-order skills...”

    “The common core standards are built on the strengths of current state standards and were developed with input from the states.  The standards are also internationally benchmarked to prepare our students to compete globally.”

             So what makes GO Math! stand out?

    “GO Math! emphasizes the critical areas and depths of understanding through interactive lessons, research-based instructional approaches, best practices from around the world, and differentiated instructional resources to ensure success for all students.”

    Second grade is also a key time for memorizing those basic addition and subtraction facts.  Having these facts memorized early and quickly will help your child during the math lessons and when learning new concepts such as two-digit addition and subtraction.  To help your child memorize these facts, we will implement the 5 minute math club.  We will send a letter home with more details about this when the time comes.