Behavior System


             To manage individual student behavior, I utilize a behavior clip chart.  The clip chart consists of five colors.  Every day, the students begin on green (“ready to learn”).  Throughout each day, students have the opportunity to move up the chart to gray (“great day”) or blue (“awesome job”) for exceptional behaviors in class.  A student who finishes the day on gray or blue might receive an additional award at times. 

    When classroom/school rules are broken however, students can also move down the chart to yellow (“think about it”), or red (“teacher’s choice”).  “Teacher’s choice” implies that the teacher will make a decision about the consequence that will be enforced.  Consequences to poor choices might include losing recess time, missing out on classroom activities, contacting the parents, or office visit.  A student who moves to red will also be required to fill out a behavior reflection form, explaining the infraction and how he/she plans to correct the behavior.  A parent signature will be required on the form, which will be returned the following day.  Failure to return the form with a parent signature will automatically result in missing recess that day.    

    As a class, the students will also be working on earning a classroom popcorn party the first half of the year and a party of their choice the second half of the year.  To earn these parties, the students have to receive compliments from other school staff members or other adults in the school.  For each compliment, the students will earn one letter as they try to spell out “popcorn party.”