First Grade Behavior and Discipline

  • Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about First-Grade Behavior and Discipline

    (But were afraid to ask!)

    Copies of our classroom rules and discipline plan are posted in our classroom.  We call them the Amherst First Grade School Rules and they are explained in “kid-friendly” terms.  Below you will find these rules and expectations.


    Our classroom rules are written in “kid-friendly” terms, they are rather broad and generic.  To ease our students into the routine of first grade, we spend our first couple of weeks of school explaining school rules, demonstrating how to follow them, and then practicing how to follow them.  Our students have many opportunities to learn our school rules.

    Our goal in first grade is to create and environment in which everyone feels safe, feels good about themselves, and knows what behaviors are expected of them.

    All First Grade students are expected to understand and follow the rules below:

    1.   Always be respectful

    2.   Encourage Everyone

    3.   Show Responsibility

    Below is a specific list of the behavior expectations for first grade in “parent friendly” terms. 


    Students are expected to:

    •  Raise hands & wait for permission to speak
    •  Use seat
    •  Listen and participate appropriately
    •  Use respectful attitudes and language towards the teacher and other students
    •  Complete work with care
    •  Follow directions the first time
    •  Use a soft voice during “Quiet Talk” times
    •  Display proper behavior in the hall, bathroom, or classroom at all times
    •  Bullying, whether by words or actions, is never permitted.



    If it is below 20 degrees, we don’t go out.  Students should be snapped, buttoned, zipped, etc.  If they have boots, hat, gloves, etc., the expectation is that those items are on their bodies for recess.

    -       No aggressive games or “play battle” games

    -       Absolutely no rough play

    -       Absolutely no inappropriate physical contact

    -       When the whistle blows, the students line up next to the building in two lines. 

    -       They must be SILENT when they return into the building.





    -       Straight lines

    -       Students follow person in front of them – no cutting

    -       Silent

    -       Hands to themselves

    -       Walking




    -       Walk to and from bathroom

    -       Quiet

    -       Flush and wash hands

    -       Use bathroom appropriately


    As positive reinforcements for following these rules the children will receive much verbal praise, class-wide, and individual reinforcements.

    If a child does not follow the rules, the consequences are as follows:

    1st time:  Warning: Move to green.

    2nd time: 5 minutes time-out: Move to yellow.

    3rd time: Loss of Privilege: Move to blue.

    4th time:  A visit to the principal’s office:  Move to red and phone call       home.

    These are very basic, but strong and positive goals.  They will be reviewed daily as we begin.  Please review and discuss these rules with your child and review them throughout the year.  Your support and encouragement at home will be of great benefit to your child’s progress in this area.  A monthly calendar will be attached to your child’s folder and he/she will be responsible for coloring how his/her day went.  Anytime a question arises, please don’t hesitate to call.  


    Anytime you have a question about discipline and rules in general, or a situation in specific, please don’t hesitate to call or email.



    Our goal in first grade is to create an environment in which:

    everyone feels safe,

    feels good about themselves,

    and knows what behaviors are expected of them.

    Thank you for helping us with this goal.