Bag of Books

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    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    On Monday's each week your child will be bringing home a gallon-size bag. Inside the bag will be 2 books and a log sheet.

    Throughout the week your child will need to read these books. They can read them to you, grandparents, relatives, or neighbors. After your child has read the books, they should have a discussion about the books with you. (Talk about what happened in the book, what was their favorite part, etc. This is just checking to see if they are comprehending what they are reading.)

    After you have had a discussion about the books, please help your child fill out their log sheet. Each row of their log sheet asks for your signature, so be sure to sign it each night!

    The bag of books must be brought back to school by Thursday! Some of the books we use are from the library and it is important that they are returned to school on Thursday.

    Thank you for your help,
    Erin Hudkins