Reading Recovery Homework

  • Homework

    Each night, every Reading Recovery student will bring home a book to read that evening. It is a self-selected book that they have already read, at least twice, during school time. It might be one of their most recent books or it might be a book that they worked on 3-4 weeks ago. Whether they pick a newer book that is a little tricky, or an older book that seems quite easy, there are great benefits in reading these familiar books. Repeated readings of books that seem easy is invaluable in helping children to build fluency and confidence. This book is returned to school the following day.

    Each child will also bring home a "story puzzle". This will be a sentence that they have written during their lesson. It is then written by me on a strip and cut up for them to rebuild. At home they need to put the sentence together again with a grown up. The sentence is glued into their Homework Writing Book.  This homework writing book is returned to school each day.

    I ask that you complete the Homework Log each night so that I can see how often your child is completing his/her homework.  Each child is on a reward system for homework and they can earn a trip to the treasure box after completing 5 assignments.