Reading Recovery Parents

  • Reading Recovery is…


    • For first graders who struggle with early reading and writing
    • Individual 30-minute lessons
    • Free (no cost to families)
    • Research-based
    • Short-term, just 12 to 20 weeks (30 to 50 hours)

    Reading Recovery is not…

    • Special education
    • A replacement for classroom teaching

    Reading Recovery works because…

    • Highly trained teachers work intensively, with individual children each school day
    • Lessons are planned to build on the knowledge and strengths of each child

    Families can help by…

    • Being sure your child’s school attendance is as regular as possible
    • Listening to your child read books sent home by the Reading Recovery teacher
    • Making reading time positive, short, and enjoyable
    • Returning books each day so the teacher can send home new books

    Reading Recovery Lesson Objective
    The objective of Reading Recovery lessons is to promote accelerated learning so that students catch up to their peers, close the achievement gap as quickly as possible, and can benefit from classroom instruction without supplemental help.

    Individually Designed Lessons
    Daily 30-minute Reading Recovery lessons are individually designed and individually delivered by specially trained teachers. Using a wide range of procedures, teachers make moment-by-moment decisions within each lesson to support the individual child.


    Lesson Content
    Each lesson consists of reading familiar books, reading yesterday’s new book and taking a running record, working with letters and/or words using magnetic letters, writing a story, assembling a cut-up story, and reading a new book. The teacher creates opportunities for the child to problem solve and provides just enough support to help the child develop strategic behaviors to use on texts in both reading and writing.

    Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Spelling, Comprehension, and Fluency
    Every lesson incorporates learning about letter/sound relationships. Children are taught to hear and record sounds and to work with spelling patterns. Reading Recovery encourages comprehension and problem solving with print so that decoding is purposeful and students read fluently.