Figurative Language


    To add detail and interest to your writing try using one of these types of figurative language


    Simile - a comparison using the words “like” or “as”


    1.   He is as hungry as a bear.

    2.   Her hair sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight.

    3.   My brother is as loud as a room full of monkeys!


    Metaphor - a comparison that states that something “is” something else


    1.   My mom is a ray of sunshine.

    2.   His brother is a walking newspaper.  Never tell him a secret!

    3.   Jess is a rock!  I can always rely on her.


    Hyperbole - an obvious exaggeration to make a point


    1.   He ate a mountain of pancakes for breakfast.

    2.   It was so windy, it blew the stripes right off the zebras.

    3.   The hole we dug at the beach reached nearly to China.


    Personification - when you describe a thing, idea, or an animal doing or being something only a person can do or be


    1.  The angry wave swallowed the ship.

    2.   The rain spat at him as he ran down the street.

    3.   The leaves danced around her feet.


    Alliteration - when you begin several neighboring words with the same sound


    1.   Duke David adored his darling daughter.

    2.    a dime a dozen

    3.    the sweet smell of success

    4.   live and learn