About Jackson Local Schools

  • Vision

    Our vision of the future is STRIVING for excellence...

    which means students achieving their highest potential, inspired by teachers who are making a difference, encouraged by parents who are providing support, and empowered to action by a community working together to ensure that every child realizes his/her dreams. 


    In the Jackson Local School District students are our first priority.  Our purpose is to create a learning environment that

    ~helps all students meet or exceed state standards,

    ~provides responsive and appropriate intervention,

    ~promotes student leadership,

    ~encourages meaningful parent and community involvement,

    ~provides real world learning experiences,

    ~respects individual and cultural differences, and

    ~provides a rigorous student-centered curriculum.

    We believe that:

    ~Students are our first priority.
    ~All students can learn given proper resources, encouragement, and time.
    ~Learning must be at the core of our daily lives to prepare us for citizenship in the 21st Century.
    ~Learning is life long for all members of our community.
    ~Students learn in different ways and, therefore, must be provided with opportunities that meet their individual needs.
    ~The ever changing needs of students require that professional development must be ongoing, based on research, aligned with district goals, and embedded in our daily work.
    ~The actions of the members of our learning community must provide students with the effective models of citizenship, thereby fostering students who are responsible, accountable, and respectful.
    ~A safe and caring learning environment is critical for the success of our students.
    ~Collaboration with and among students, staff, parents, and community is essential for continuous improvement.
    ~School pride in academics and all other activities should be shared with and among students, staff, parents, and community.