• First Grade Homework

    We would like for your children to spend homework time doing what research has supported improves student growth--reading! Students will be given a monthly reading log in a folder. They will color in a picture for each night they read. The goal is 10 minutes daily. Your child can spend those 10 minutes reading aloud to you or listening to you read aloud. In addition, you may see fluency phrases or short stories in the folder for your child to read. Fluency folders will be collected on Friday to check reading minutes and phrases. Please remind your child to bring their folders to school on Friday!  

    Fundations homework packets will come home with your child each time we begin a new unit. These are extra practice for you to use at home, if necessary. The date for the upcoming test will be on the packet so you can practice before the test day. GoMath practice books will also be sent home. There is a practice page for each lesson we do in class. If you child needs extra practice with what we learned in class, you can use those practice pages to help support them. The lessons we do in class will be posted on our newsletter for you to follow along with at home. If you decide to do this extra practice, you do not need to send the work into school, unless your child has further questions, or needs more support from us here at school!

    I would like to encourage you to spend your evenings eating dinner together, talking about your day, playing outside, and reading together as much as possible! These positive influences are beneficial and effective in your supporting your child’s

    academic success at school!

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about our homework policy.

    Partnering with you,

    Mrs. Justice