Classroom Rules

  • Our classroom rules will be created on the first day of school, together as a class!

    Please refer to the Classroom Dojo page that will be sent home the 2nd week of school to learn about our behavior plan!
    Hogwarts Express:
    Students can exchange their tickets for rewards. Read below the items students can earn. 

        Items to purchase:           Price of tickets:

    One pencil or One eraser


    One piece of candy from the basket

    6 tickets

    One piece of candy from the drawer

    15 tickets

    Trip to the treasure box

    25 tickets

    One free homework pass

    30 tickets

    15 minute game time for the class (you choose the game)

    50 tickets

    Sit at the teacher's desk for a day

    Treat from Miss Mann

    100 tickets

    Lunch with Miss Mann and a friend

    225 tickets


    At the end of the year, students will participate in an auction. In order to participate, students have to have tickets. Therefore, if they choose to spend all of their tickets and not save any, they will not have any tickets to participate.