Daily 5 routines

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    Daily 4 Routines: 
         In my classroom, the students will spend the majority of their day working in small groups.  These groups are created from assessments and individual needs.  These groups change frequently, as student needs change.   In addition, the students will work in small math groups during our math block.    
         Not only will students meet with me daily during math, but the students will meet daily during our ELA block.   The students will be required to complete specific activities.  These can include:
    • word work
    • comprehension activities
    • writing/typing
    • book club
    • integrated science/social studies activities 
    • Spelling City
    • research based projects
    • Freckle
    • Prodigy

         Overall, our goal is to work together to make sure each student is successful and their needs are fulfilled.   Research indicates that reading and working in small groups daily, improves students' reading levels immensly.  If you need additional practice tools, have your child use our Elementary Library Page, as it offers excellent practice tools.