Welcome to Mrs. Knoll's Classroom site

  • Welcome to Mrs. Knoll's Third Grade class! 

    I am Ashley Knoll and I have been teaching at Strausser for nine years. I started here as a Second Grade teacher and have now spent four years in Third Grade. I live in Jackson Township with my husband and five children. I value challenging students and encouraging them to stay curious. I love being able to learn about each and every student and help them feel comfortable and confident as the indivuals that they are. 

    I believe education is a team effort. This means that I encourage parent involvement and really want everyone to feel comfortable and confident with the entire education process.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me right away. 

    "Some of My Favorite Things!"


    Favorite Food:  Fruit, ice cream, and dove dark chocolate


    Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors, going to the beach, sports, and crafting


    Favorite Teams: The Jackson Polar Bears, The Ohio State Buckeyes and The Cleveland Cavaliers! 


    Favorite Sport: Basketball


    Favorite Seasons:  Summer and Fall

    Favorite Book:  A Tree Named Steve

    Favorite Music: I love music, all genres!



    In the Jackson Local School District students are our first priority.  Our purpose is to create a learning environment that

    ~helps all students meet or exceed state standards,

    ~provides responsive and appropriate intervention,

    ~promotes student leadership,

    ~encourages meaningful parent and community involvement,

    ~provides real world learning experiences,

    ~respects individual and cultural differences, and

    ~provides a rigorous student-centered curriculum.





    We believe that:

    ~Students are our first priority.

    ~All students can learn given proper resources, encouragement, and time.

    ~Learning must be at the core of our daily lives to prepare us for citizenship in the 21st Century.

    ~Learning is life long for all members of our community.

    ~Students learn in different ways and, therefore, must be provided with opportunities that meet their individual needs.

    ~The ever changing needs of students require that professional development must be ongoing, based on research, aligned with district goals, and embedded in our daily work.

    ~The actions of the members of our learning community must provide students with the effective models of citizenship, thereby fostering students who are responsible, accountable, and respectful.

    ~A safe and caring learning environment is critical for the success of our students.

    ~Collaboration with and among students, staff, parents, and community is essential for continuous improvement.

    ~School pride in academics and all other activities should be shared with and among students, staff, parents, and community.





    Our vision of the future is

    STRIVING for excellence...

    which means students achieving their highest potential, inspired by teachers who are making a difference, encouraged by parents who are providing support, and empowered to action by a community working together to ensure that every child realizes his/her dreams.