30 'things' that might surprise you

    1.  My fingers literally ache at writing or typing the word "thing" so I always put quotation marks around it.  I feel a little better then.
    2.  If you ask politely, I will show you video of me on a horse herding cows into the rodeo chute while yelling "Yee haw, Bessie!" while in Mississippi a few years ago.  
    3.  I will retire in Cape May, New Jersey, the most beautiful place on Earth.  I also will never have to pump my own gas ever again which is an added bonus.
    4.  I have mad ninja typing skills.  If I were ever forced to enter a talent contest, this would be my talent.
    5.  My favorite color is red.
    6.  I am implementing my School Improvement Project (the new TEAMs!!!!) through Ashland University this year which will then finalize my Masters in   Educational Leadership.
    7.  I'm allergic to any animal with fur and pretty much anything that is green and outdoorsy.
    8.  My dog Gracie, a Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle mix), is adorable.
    9.  When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be either a professional figure skater or a veterinarian.  If you want to know why I'm not a veterinarian,   please look at #7 again.
    10.  The reason I'm not a figure skater is because I have only skated twice in my life, the first of which was when I was in college. I remember falling a lot and being cold.  You might say I was a little unrealistic in sixth grade.
    11.  I pretty much listen to all music except for folk.  
    12.  I am a Jackson Local Schools graduate (go Amherst!) as well as a Malone (Bachelors) and Ashland University (Masters in Curriculum & Instruction)   graduate.
    13.  I love to travel to historical settings or locations with mountains.  It saddens me I only have three stamps on my passport.
    14.  Millennium Force is the best roller coaster at Cedar Point.  Hands down.
    15.  I absolutely love old clear glass “stuff” especially if it is cut or etched. Vases, bowls, spooners, candy dishes, compotes, you name it.  I honestly don’t even know where to keep putting all of it.
    16.  I collect paper.  Maps, wrapping paper, old tickets or receipts, business cards, etc… and then create mixed media art with it.   
    17.  Wherever I travel, I always bring back a book of poetry from a local writer.
    18.  My idea of heaven is being able to read all day long outside on a blanket under a tree.
    19.  There would also be unlimited chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with no fat or calories under the tree on the blanket.
    20.  I have never played a video game in my life. Ever. Of this, I am proud.
    21.  I was so obsessed with biting my nails when I was a kid that I bit all of the nails off my baby dolls.  True story.
    22.  I am at heart very shy.  So shy, that my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Tamargo actually called my parents in for a conference in the spring because I still   didn’t talk to her.
    23.  When I was in third grade, I played school with all of my stuffed animals.  My parents' bed used to have a ledge attached to the headboard and that   was my podium.
    24.  I cannot swim. I will not put my face under the water. I will drown. I know this.
    25.  Feet are gross.
    26.  Clowns are creepy.
    27.  I've never played the Guessing Game at Cedar Point, but I know I would win because few people can guess my age just looking at me.
    28.  I was the kid with her "nose in a book.”  Anne of Green Gables transported me as a child; a new favorite is The Secret Life of Bees.
    29.  I don't understand why people jog when they hate it so much.
    30.  Remember Elaine dancing on “Seinfeld?”  I could have been her stunt double.