• Bucket Filler

    • Are you a bucket filler?
      The bucket filler program is a building wide program promoting positive interactions with students and staff. The idea of this program came from a wonderful children's book. Everyone has a magic bucket that you can't see. You can fill someone's bucket by doing something nice for them, using kind words, sharing, and making good choices, etc.. You can empty someone's bucket by saying mean words, not sharing, and making bad choices. This is being a BUCKET DIPPER! Nobody wants to be a bucket dipper.
      We start each year with an assembly showing the kids how to be a bucketfiller in our school. The teachers and staff at Greenwood catch kids being bucket fillers throughout their school day. If they are caught then their name is announced over the PA system telling their peers how they were a bucket filler. Those children also get their pictures taking with "Bruno" the bucket and displayed on a school bulletin board. I am also going to post what those students do at the bottom of this page using Wall Wisher. You can also send a note in to me explaining how your child was a bucket filler at home! It is awesome to hear the students on the playground say "Johnny was a bucket filler"! Thank you for your support on making every student a bucket filler. For more information visithttp://www.bucketfillers101.com/