• Third Grade President & First Lady Project

    Here you will be able to find important information, special dates, and pictures for our annual third grade president/first lady project.


    General Information:
    *Each student will be researching a president or first lady. Research can be completed at home with parent support. We will also be researching specific information at school too. 
    Research Includes Topcis such as:
    Family life: childhood, sibilings, education, marriage 
    Birth/death: when/where
    Interesting facts: pets, favorite foods, hobbies, etc
    Years in office
    # president/first lady (Ex:16th president Abraham Lincoln)
    Good things accomplished while in office
    Events that happened while in office
    Famous quotes
    * Students will use the research (from home and school) to complete a presentation board and speech about their president or first lady. Students will print out pictures from home and school to use for their display board. Students may bring in patriotic items to decorate the presentation board.
    * Students will "dress the part" of their person and present to the school and parents on our presentation day.
    Homework Timeline and Important Dates:
    Papers that have been sent home: