• Science Experiments

    Dear Families,

    Starting on September 28th students in all of my science classes will begin presenting science experiments to their class. These experiments will occur every Friday during your child’s science class until every child has presented. Your student chose to present an experiment on Friday, ______________________ .

    These experiments will not be for a grade, but rather to practice the scientific method, get a chance to be the teacher, and show the class some neat science!

    The only rules for this project are:


    • The student needs to be the scientist!


        1. Families are more than welcome to help prepare, but I ask that your child do as much of the work as possible and presents alone on their day!


    • The student needs to know what is going to happen!


        1. I recommend that your child practice the experiment so he/she can correctly predict the outcome when it comes time to present.


    • The student needs to know why it happened!


      1. Your child needs to be able to explain what happened during the experiment and why it occurred. This is important so that he/she can confidently answer questions from the class.

    Some answers to questions that came up during class:

    1. I will talk with students on the week they are presenting to check in and make sure they are/will be prepared.
    2. Students should have the presentation date written in their planner, on this paper, and on the signup sheet in the classroom (this list can also be found on my website under the Science tab). They will share their day with one other student.
    3. No experiment may be repeated (also on my website under the “Science” tab).
    4. It is okay for your student to ask for a volunteer or assistance during the presentation.
    5. I encourage your child to create a google slideshow, bring notes, or make a poster board to help explain their experiment to the class.
    6. Your child will not be given any time to work on this project during class.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


    Below are the links to the experiements that have already been completed/choosen...please check here before starting your project!!

    JAJACK HOMEROOM:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g104W9Rq2FYPYuRFThzMrOiKm2rxFmZdnKiA0eQIvVU/edit?usp=sharing 

    RADDISH HOMEROOM:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1opb6pmSpI3BOCeddK7GoPfYjhs-FYifmuK3ah6--IQk/edit?usp=sharing