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  • Directions:  Click on thumbnail icon, type in password, click "go" and read captions as you view the photos.  See how well you can answer these questions after viewing my timeline.  You'll have to infer some answers. Good luck and I'll score it for you at school!


    1.)   When I was growing up, how many kids were in my family?

    2.)  Was I the oldest or the youngest?

    3.)  What high school did I go to?                                                              

    4.)  Do I like camping and traveling?

    5.)  How many years have I been married?

    6.)  Which comment do you think is false?
           a.)  Mrs. Taylor was a majorette in high school.
           b.)  Mrs. Taylor played the flute in the band.
           c.)  Mrs. Taylor was an exchange student in Spain.
           d.)  Mrs. Taylor speaks French

    7.)  How is my current family similiar to the family I grew up in?

    8.)  Since I went to college in Indiana, how many states have I lived in?

    9.)  Do I enjoy teaching and being with children?

    10.)  What do you think I would like to learn to do someday?
              a.)  play the guitar
              b.)  to knit
              c.)  cook fancy meals
              d.)  all of the above