My Homework



    Your child will receive homework every night, except for Fridays and holidays.  On Friday, your child will bring home all graded work from the week and the weekly newsletter.  Please go through the folder with your child each night.  I encourage parents to be near the child while they are doing their homework.  I feel this is a special opportunity to be a part of your child’s learning experience (I know this can be hard!).  For every day the homework is returned, the child receives a sticker to put on the homework chart.  Students who return their homework everyday for each grading period receive a class party (one homework pass is given to each child). 
    Your child will be responsible for returning their homework and homework folder each day to the proper basket in order to receive credit.  Be sure to remind your child that homework is to be done at home and not on the bus or in the car.  All homework must be done neatly and in pencil.  Homework will not be accepted if written in pen, crayon, marker, etc..  It must also include a name and the date to receive credit. 

    What if your child didn’t bring home his/her assignment?
    I put a special time aside each day to have students put the homework in their homework folders and go over the assignment for the night.  If they still somehow manage to not follow directions, please let them take responsibility by not receiving their sticker.  The consequence will motivate them to check their folder before they leave.  I know this is hard.  Please work with me on this one.

    Rationale for assigning homework:
    Homework is important because it teaches responsibility and helps students develop good study habits.  In addition, homework helps to reinforce lessons that have been learned in class and helps prepare them for upcoming lessons.  It also gives them the one-on-one help they sometimes need.