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    Monday:  Music 10:15-10:50
    Tuesday:  Music 9:40-10:15
      Gym 9:40-10:15
    Thursday  Gym 10:15-10:50                        
    Friday:  Library 10:15-10:50


    Book It Information: This is to inform you of the BOOK IT program and the requirements for second graders. We will be starting the program in our classroom on October 1. The reading goal for each child is set for 15 minutes every school night or 300 minutes at home each month. (Of course, I always encourage children to go over the 300 minutes!) Each child will have a personal refrigerator reading record to keep track of the minutes read each month. Students should keep these reading records at home by putting the number of minutes they have read under the correct date on the calendar. I am also asking that each student complete a story map for one book that was read each month. At the beginning of each month, I will send home the story map that needs to be filled out. You can become an active part of your child's reading experience by taking part in this program with them and helping them reach their goal each month. At the end of the month, please return the calendar and story map to school and I will reward your child with a gift certificate for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. The goal is for your child to successfully participate in all 6 months: October-March. Thank you for your help in motivating our students to read!!