Third Grade Homework


             Homework Schedule

      There will be homework Monday-Thursday.  My assignments will not be on a set schedule, however, you will be notified of the assignments through your child's calendar that comes home each day.  Each day, we will write homework assignments in our calendars together.  I will stamp the calendar to indicate that the information is correct. Homework is due the following day unless otherwise noted. 
    *Students will eventually enter homework assignments through a google doc after students get used to their chromebook. 
    As of August 2019, it looks as though we will have one page of reading and one page of math Monday -Thursday.
    Depending on your child's overall math fact fluency, I may assign or hold off on 5 Minute Math fact fluency homework.  I only assign 5 Minute Math fact fluency sheets on an as needed basis.  
    Homework should take an hour or less to complete. There will most likely be time available during student assist that I will allow for homework to be started in class.  I do my best to respect each family's busy schedule and do not wish to take away from important family time.  Therefore, I only assign what I truly believe will be most benificial.
    Homework Policy
    1st missed assignment = Warning in class
    2nd missed assignment = Homework Notice sent home
    3rd missed assignment = Missed Recess
    4th missed assignment = Teacher calls home 
    Homework Incentives

    1.  When 100% of all students return daily homework on time a marble is put into our class Marble Jar. When the jar is filled a class reward is given.


    2. When a student returns their daily homework on time, they will earn a dojo point.


    3. If a student returns all homework on time (including
    absent make up work) I mark it off on our homework chart.  At the end of the month any child who has returned all daily homework will recieve a Charlie Brown "Homework Pass".