Daily Schedule

  • Mrs. Roarty’s Schedule




    Daily Schedule

    9:05-9:35- Polar Time

    9:35-10:45- Math

    10:45- 11:05- Recess

    11:05-11:30- Lunch

    11:30-1:05- English Language Arts

    1:05-1:40- Special/Student Assist

    1:40-2:15- Special/Student Assist

    2:15-3:20- English Language Arts





    Our class will be divided into fourths between the other third grade classes which is why there are two slots in our daily schedule for special and student assist. Ask your child which color they are and then follow the chart below. I will also set your child's special schedule out on their desk on open house night.



    Gold Group with Miss Griffiths


    Monday- Wednesday= Physical Education

    Tuesday- Thursday= Music

    Friday= Library 


    Red Group with Ms. Russell 


    Monday-Friday= Music

    Tuesday-Thursday= Physical Education

    Wednesday= Library


    Purple Group with Mrs. Lovell

    Monday= Music 1:40-2:15

    Tuesday= Library 1:05-1:40

    Wednesday= Music 1:40-2:15

    Thursday-Friday= Physical Education 1:40-2:15


    Green Group with Mrs. Geisberger

    Monday= Physical Education 1:40-2:15

    Tuesday= Music 1:40-2:15

    Wednesday=Music 1:05-1:40

    Thursday= Library 1:05-1:40

    Friday= Physical Education 1:05-1:40