Grading and Reports

    Grading and Reports

    Interim Report Dates

    Around the end of September and the middle of February, we will have conferences to discuss interim reports.  Reports will be given to parents during their conference.

    Progress Report Dates

    Grading Descriptors

    M= Meeting Standard 

        - Proficient in meeting grade level skills or concepts. 

        - Independently demonstrates consistent grasp of concepts and skills.

        - Can perform the skill or process important to the topic without making errors that affect understanding.

    P= Progressing

        - Developing an understanding of basic concepts or skills, but there are gaps in conceptual understanding.

        - May require assistance from teachers/peers/parents.

        - Makes some errors in performing the skill or process important to the topic.


    N= Not Demonstrating

        - Shows minimal understanding of the concepts or skills.

        - Cannot complete the task independently.

        - Makes many significant errors in performing the skill or process important to the topic. 


    I= Insufficient Evidence

        - Incomplete work

        - No judgement can be made.

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