My Schedule

  • My day consists of working with small groups of children  helping them with phonics, fluency, and comprehension.  The main things we do are read and write!  Not a lot of worksheets!  But we sure do love reading new books.  We read a new one almost every day in some groups.  Here is my current Polar Time schedule and grade levels.

    9:00-9:35  2nd Grade Polar Time

    9:40-10:20  1st Grade Polar Time

    10:25-11:00  Kindergarten Polar Time

    12:20-12:50  Reading Recovery (1st Grade)

    12:50-1:25  3rd Grade Polar Time

    1:30-2:00  Reading Recovery (1st Grade)

    2:10-2:40  Reading Recovery (1st Grade)

    2:45-3:15 Reading Recovery (1st Grade)