Accents and Tilde on a Mac or a PC
Rules of Conjugation: Indicative Mood
Sample Regular Conjugations

The Present
   Irregular conjugations

Present - Chart Irregular Verbs
The Imperfect
   Imperfect: Mini Quiz
The Preterite

   Chart: Regular & car, gar, zar
   Irregular Preterite
   Preterite: Mini Quiz
The Imperfect vs The Preterite
   The Eye Witness
The Future
   The future: Mini Quiz
The Condicional
The Present Perfect
The Pluperfect
Quiz: Perfect Tense
The Familiar Imperative Commands
Tú Commands
Tú Commands
The Formal Imperative Commands
Ud./Uds. Formal Commands
Ud./Uds. Formal Commands
Imperative - Chart: Ud., Uds, Tú
Imperative - Chart: Tú, Vosotros, Nosotros
The Subjunctive Tense
Subjunctive Conjugated Verbs
The Present Subjunctive
Ser vs Estar
Ser vs Estar
Por vs Para
Por vs Para
   Quiz: Por vs Para

Powerpoint: Direct / Indirect / Double Object

Special Grammar Links:
Interactive Spanish Exercises
Spanish Grammar Exercies
Ejercicios de gramática
Diccionario Anaya
Learn Spanish Vocabulary
Online Spanish Grammar Tutorial

Verb Conjugation Websites:
The Conjugation Trainer
Spanish verbs conjugator
Verbs conjugator
Spanish Verb Forms







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