Special Foreign Language Characters

Sometimes when you conjugate a verb you should use accent marks. For information on how to use accent marks please choose the type of computer you have.

IBM Compatible:

For accent marks hold down the ALT-key while typing the three-digit number needed for the accent mark. (Use the numeric keypad for the numbers)


For accent marks on the keyboard, hold down the OPTION and the letter E key simultaneously. Nothing will appear on the screen yet. Release both keys and then type the letter affected for the accent mark.
�=Option+e-Release both-type a
�=Option+e-Release both-type e
�=Option+e-Release both-type i
�=Option+e-Release both-type o
�=Option+e-Release both-type u
�=Option+n-Release both-type n
�=Option+u-Release both-type u

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