What are the details of testing for Test to Play?

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• If the student was exposed within the classroom environment, the existing K-12 Quarantine guidance should be used to determine whether any additional follow-up is needed.

• If a student is exposed within the extracurricular/sports setting, the quarantine alternatives can be implemented: the contact should wear a mask to the greatest extent possible and be tested immediately upon being identified as a contact and again 5-7 days following exposure.

• Provided the contact remains asymptomatic, wears a mask, and is negative on testing, they can continue to participate in sports throughout the “quarantine alternative” period.

• A self-test reported test through the Navica app does not qualify. Only tests that are truly proctored (observed at the time of testing) and reported meet the qualification for Test to Play.

• Under Test to Play, the contact must be tested immediately upon being identified as a contact (within 24 hours). If a contact is not identified until 5 or more days after exposure, a single test may be used to allow the individual to continue to participate in extracurricular activities.

• If the initial test is not performed, then the contact is not eligible to participate in Test to Play and cannot participate in extracurricular activities until they have completed their quarantine period (a 7-day reduced duration quarantine with a negative viral test performed 5-7 days after exposure is applicable for all contacts).

• If tests are refused, the student is not eligible to participate in Test-to-Play and should be excluded from extracurricular activities for the duration of their quarantine.