August 20 OneCall Email: Recap of the first day of school

Dear parents, caregivers, and students:

Congratulations on a successful start to the 2020-21 school year! Our return to school was a great success. It has been five months since our students, teachers, staff, and administrators had a chance to collaborate and work together. It was great to see so many smiling faces in our buildings, and it was even better to see students complying with social distance measures and facial coverings. 

Not unlike any other first day of school in past years, today was not without glitches. Our faculty and staff handled those issues and in many instances have already resolved them.

One area we continue to address is traffic congestion at Jackson Memorial Middle School. More students, as expected, are being dropped off and picked up this school year. It is important for JMMS vehicles coming from the west to enter the drop-off zone near Sauder Elementary with a left-hand turn off Mudbrook, and then exit with a right-hand turn back on Mudbrook. Left-hand turns back on Mudbrook will not be permitted from the west.

JMMS vehicles entering the drop-off zone from the east must follow the direction of security personnel on scene. Some traffic, depending on flow, will be directed to the west side. We are asking our parents dropping off in the morning or picking up in the afternoon for understanding and patience as we all work our way through this congestion.

Our Information Technology Department worked through issues with Chromebooks logging in either inside our buildings or for our eLearning 2.0 students. Anyone still experiencing an issue should file a Help Desk ticket.

For students on Option 2, eLearning 2.0 POLARIS, it is important to remember to log in each day between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. to complete the attendance and learning integrity statement. Please visit for tips on eLearning.

Students on Option 1, in-person instruction, it is important to remember to wear your new student ID card above your waist every day and to charge your Chromebooks for another day of learning.

It is important for all students, faculty, and staff to do daily wellness assessments and check your temperature. Please remain home if you have signs of illness. If you are well enough, you can log in to POLARIS and complete work for the day.

Thank you for a great start to the school year and, as always, GO BEARS!


Chris DiLoreto