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Jackson High JA Students Create Products for Sale

Introducing EcoVoyage and FlameGuard, two trailblazing initiatives by our students at Jackson High School! As part of the Junior Achievement program, these remarkable students are addressing a massive environmental and household issues.


Did you know? Hotels and cruise ships annually discard a staggering 150 million single-use plastic items! It's alarming, but it's true. And the worst part? These plastics can linger in landfills for up to 1,000 years! Even with recycling efforts, a mere 9% of single-use plastics get recycled, and a whopping 79% still pollutes our beautiful planet. 😱

That's where EcoVoyage comes in! Our students have passionately developed a solution: a biodegradable hygiene essentials kit. This kit isn't just any ordinary travel pack - it's a statement for the planet! It includes:

  • An eco-friendly toothbrush 
  • A sleek comb 
  • Three TSA-approved soap bottles 
  • A sustainable razor 
  • And, our unique touch: seed paper! 

All these essentials are packed in a custom travel-sized bag, designed for convenience and sustainability.

💡 With EcoVoyage, you're not just choosing essential travel items; you're making a choice to reduce environmental harm and support a healthier planet. 

🛒 Ready to make a difference? Visit EcoVoyage.US now and start leaving greener trails on every journey! 


Meet FlameGuard, a game-changing initiative by the bright minds at Jackson High School's Junior Achievement program. 


Did you know? A house fire ignites every 87 seconds! That’s why preparedness isn't just important; it's essential. Last year, a heartbreaking fire tragedy in Jackson Township took the lives of four of our own, including two middle school students. This devastating event and the frequent fire emergencies in our area have sparked the creation of FlameGuard. 

FlameGuard is more than just a product; it's our commitment to raising awareness and enhancing safety during fire emergencies. 

We proudly offer two tailor-made kits: 

One-Story Kit: Includes a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, smoke alarms, burn gel, fire safety gloves, and a respirator mask.

Two-Story Kit: Everything in the One-Story Kit PLUS a 13-foot fire escape ladder, perfect for the average two-story home.

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Join us in making every home a safer place. 🏠💕

 Ready to protect what matters the most? Shop now at FlameGuard and be prepared for any fire emergency. Together, we can make a difference!