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Jackson Local Schools developing contingency plans

November 13, 2020

Dear parents, guardians, and caregivers,

The Jackson Local School District continues to work in collaboration with public health experts at the Stark County Health Department to monitor COVID-19 cases in our community and the effects on our district. We are relieved to report to you of the 158 people who have been excluded from in-person instruction because they were deemed a close contact of positive JLSD cases, NONE of them have developed symptoms of COVID-19. However, we can tell you the spread of COVID-19 within the ZIP codes of the Jackson Local School District remains high. In the last two weeks, ZIP codes in our district have accounted for a substantial amount of Stark County’s COVID-19 cases, and those same ZIP codes account for 299.7 cases per 100,000. The CDC considers 100 cases per 100,000 to be high incidence.

The district is developing CONTINGENCY plans for building closure(s) because of the spread of COVID-19 within our community and the effect it is having on staffing levels within our district. As we work through our contingency planning, we believe it is important you have as much information as possible in order to plan. Those families that would need childcare should a K-8 building have to close, should begin to formulate a plan for those needs. We anticipate taking a measured approach while working in collaboration with our local health department regarding building closure(s).

 From the onset of our Restart Jackson planning, we have said our plans must remain flexible. One of the reasons the JLSD designed its learning models around in-person learning and/or eLearning 2.0 via POLARIS, is to allow learning to continue seamlessly in POLARIS, creating flexibility for our families to transition based on circumstances.

By working together, we will sustain and we will maintain the standard of education our community has come to expect from the Jackson Local School District. This school year requires us all to extend grace and understanding to one another.

To date, the Jackson Local School District has had 53 days of in-person instruction, which included a complete fall sports season and allowed our students to participate in clubs and extracurricular activities. It is the collaborative work of parents, faculty, staff, and local public health experts that made that possible. It will take the same kind of partnership as we move forward through this pandemic. Thank you for your continued support of the Jackson Local School District.


Chris DiLoreto


Jackson Local School District