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COVID-19 reporting protocol

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced last week that school districts will be required to report positive cases to the local health department. We want to explain to you how we will report any confirmed positive COVID-19 cases to our school community.

An Ohio Department of Health order encourages parents of students who have either received a confirmed COVID-19 positive test or a clinical COVID-19 diagnosis to report those to the Jackson Local School District. Parents should do so by contacting the building principal in which their child attends. The District has designated Director of Security David Morgan as its COVID-19 coordinator. He will work with our school nurses to notify the Stark County Health Department of positive COVID-19 cases, and the Stark County Health Department will begin the contact tracing process. This process will determine close contacts of the infected individual and whether quarantine is necessary.

The District will notify all parents/guardians of all students who share a classroom space or have participated in school activities during the infectious period of the student, teacher, staff member, or coach who has tested positive. Further, the district will notify all parents/guardians in the JLSD of a positive test and which building the infected individual attended, taught, coached, or worked. The District also has established a COVID-19 dashboard at where the public can see active confirmed COVID-19 cases on a building-by-building basis.

The Stark County Health Department will determine if or when students, classrooms, or buildings will quarantine. One of the reasons why the JLSD designed its learning models around in-person learning and/or eLearning 2.0 via POLARIS, is to allow learning to continue seamlessly in POLARIS, creating flexibility for our families to adapt based on circumstances.

Continued communication and collaboration with parents, school personnel, and the Stark County Health Department is critical during this unprecedented time.