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    Welcome to Mrs. Mundy's Kindergarten! 


    If you are looking for some fun ways to practice sight words at home, check out this website:


    Kindergarten Sight & High Frequency Words....


    I, see, a, like, the, go, can, to, am, at, me, is

    we, it, he, my, mom, dad, look, in, up, on, be, as, has, his, you, are, got, not, and, play, said, here, come, for

     she, was, they, will, went, into, your, where, looking, down, day

    BONUS WORDS:   have, with, this, that, her, our, by, under, want, because




    These are the reading strategies we will use in class:

     Eagle Eye - reminds us to look at the picture for clues
     Lips the Fish - tell us to get your mouth ready to make the sounds (tapping out the word)
     Stretchy Snake - tells us to stretch the letter sounds to read the word
     Chunky Monkey - tells us to look for chunks in words - break the word up and look for word families and glued sounds like: ing -  look for digraphs: th, sh, ch, and ck.
     Skippy Frog - tells us to skip the word and keep reading, then go back and try again.
     Flippy Dolphin - tells us to flip the vowel sound if the short sound doesn't work
     Tryin Lion - tells us to keep trying!