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    Welcome to Mrs. Mundy's Kindergarten! 

    Notes from the teacher

    SNACK:  Please remember to send a small snack for your child each day.  We do have a water fountain in the classroom, but you can send a water bottle if you'd like.  Please do not send any drinks other than water for snack.    If your child is getting a school lunch and has a lunch box for snack, please let your child know if he is buying or packing.  (They get confused when they are to buy a school lunch and they have a lunch box with snack.) Thank you!



    A Look Ahead... 


    Oct 14 – Columbus Day

    Oct 16 - Conferences

    Oct 18 – Walk-A-Thon (If you would like to make a donation, you can send cash in a labeled envelope or make checks payable to Amherst PTO) 

    Oct - 18End of grading period

    Oct 19 - Community Pancake Breakfast at the High School - Amherst Teachers will be working from 10:00-11:00 (hope to see you there)!

    Oct 21 – Picture Retake Day

    Oct 25 – Halloween Party 2:00-3:00




    If you are looking for some fun ways to practice sight words at home, check out this website:


    Important Kindergarten Reminders:


    • Please be sure that your child has extra clothes at school for puddles, spills & accidents.
    • Empty your child’s folder daily! 
    • Please remind your child to follow the playground rules, cafeteria rules & bus rules.  
    • Remember to send a small snack with your child each day.
    • Let your child know if he/she is buying or packing lunch  (especially if snack is in the lunchbox and your child is actually buying lunch).
    • BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL... if your child is to eat breakfast at school, PLEASE send me a note to let me know - otherwise, I assume that they have eaten at home -- thanks for your cooperation!!!
    • LUNCH MONEY -- If you are paying for your child's lunch with cash,  please put it in your child's clear plastic pouch in his/her folder, and attach a note to let me know that it is lunch money.  Thank you!


    Just a note...
     Due to safety reasons, the children are not permitted to leave school with their parent(s) immediately after parties, special guest visitation, etc.  If you wish to take your child home after any event, you will need to send a note to school and then you may pick him/her up after school in the parent pick line.  This is the policy of all Jackson Local Schools.

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    Happy Birthday!   


    Clara - Oct 3



    We collect BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION.   Our school receives money for every Box Top collected!!





    Word of the day words....

    I, see, a, like, the, go, can, to, am, at, me, is

    (The children need to be able to read and write these words by the end of the 2nd grading period.)




    These are the reading strategies we will use in class:

     Eagle Eye - reminds us to look at the picture for clues
     Lips the Fish - tell us to get your mouth ready to make the sounds (tapping out the word)
     Stretchy Snake - tells us to stretch the letter sounds to read the word
     Chunky Monkey - tells us to look for chunks in words - break the word up and look for word families and glued sounds like th, sh, ch, ing.
     Skippy Frog - tells us to skip the word and keep reading, then go back and try again.
     Flippy Dolphin - tells us to flip the vowel sound if the short sound doesn't work
     Tryin Lion - tells us to keep trying!