8th Grade Health

  • Ms. Dunnerstick/8th Grade Health                    


    My name is Kathy A. Dunnerstick and it is my pleasure to be the 8th Grade Health teacher at Jackson Memorial Middle School.  I believe that this is one of the most important classes you will ever take.  

    8th Grade Health is a comprehensive approach to health and fitness that is essential in motivating teens to develop healthy behaviors. The course introduces students to vital health concepts and provides information that can lead to a long and healthy lifestyle. 

    Students will learn information that will help him/her develop and maintain quality health in all three areas of the Health Triangle:  Physical, Mental/Emotional and Social.  Information learned in the class will guide students in making choices that will benefit him/her both now and for the rest of their lives.

    I trust that you will have an enjoyable experience and learn a lot of valuable information regarding yourself and many health related issues.  



    1.  Health & Wellness

    2.  Harmful Behaviors

    3.  Prescription Drug/Opioid Use/Abuse

    3.  Nutrition & Fast Food

    4.  Skeletal & Circulatory Body Systems 

    *Leader's Edge, an Educational Consultant firm, will also be presenting an Anti-Virus Character Education Program to all 8th grade students.  This is a 10-week program that will be taught one day a week by a Leader's Edge mentor as part of the Health curriculum.


    The following are the responsibilities of each student in my class:

    1. Arrive on time and be in your seat by the time the tardy bell rings.

    2. Be Kind: No bullying, no put-downs, etc. 

    3. Be Respectful: Respect all adults, classmates and classroom environment/equipment.

    4. Be Responsible: Come prepared with all necessary materials: pencil, notebook, etc. 


    Should you have any questions, you may contact me anytime by calling the school directly at 330-830-8034 x3201 or emailing me at: kad2jc@bearworks.jackson.sparcc.org

    I look forward to working with you this year and hope that you have a happy and "healthy" experience!  


    Ms. Kathy A. Dunnerstick