• Want to be a Little Congress Officer?  Keep reading!

    Campaign Process and Guidelines

    1. Students may run for the following positions:
    1. 6th Grade Level Leader
    2. 6th Grade Level Deputy Leader
    3. 6th Grade Level Clerk
    4. 7th Grade Level Leader
    5. 7th Grade Level Deputy Leader
    6. 7th Grade Level Clerk
    7. 8th Grade Level Leader
    8. 8th Grade Level Deputy Leader
    9. 8th Grade Level Clerk
    1. Campaign runs from Tuesday August 23 through Tuesday August 30, 2022.
    1. See the next section for the Campaign Rules.
    1. Election day is Tuesday August 30, 2022.  Students will vote via Google Form during Polar Time.
    2. The first General Assembly meeting will be held on Wednesday August 31 in the Learning Commons after school until 4pm.
    1. During the first General Assembly meeting, the group will nominate and vote for the following positions:
    1. Speaker
    2. Clerk
      *Remember: These positions preside over the 
      entire General Assembly (all three grade levels).


    Campaign Rules

    Please read the following rules on the electronic campaign:


    Each Candidate will submit a Google Slide as his/her campaign poster. It should contain the candidate’s name and office he or she is running for. Each candidate’s Google Slide will be approved by administration and then combined into a slide show that students will be able to view.  There will be a slide show created for each office (6th Grade Level Leader, 6th Grade Level Deputy Leader, 6th Grade Level Clerk, 7th Grade Level Leader, 7th Grade Level Deputy Leader, 7th Grade Level Clerk, 8th Grade Level Leader, 8th Grade Level Deputy Leader, 8th Grade Level Clerk).  Candidates should be creative and positive. Candidates should emphasize their own plans or accomplishments, not disrespect other candidates.

    The Rules

    1. Each Candidate is permitted 1 Google Slide as his/her campaign poster.
    2. Slides are due no later than Tuesday 8/23/22.  Slides must be shared with Mr. Carter (kgc3jc@bearworks.jackson.sparcc.org).
    3. Mr. Carter will make the compiled slideshow available to the school as soon as possible.
    4. No obscenities. Be creative and use good taste. 
    5. Slides are not to disrespect other candidates or people.
    6. No other communications maybe used for campaigning ( No websites, email blasts, or other socials media maybe used. (Cannot campaign on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) IF you have questions, please email Mr. Carter.
    7. No other election communications maybe distributed/posted/shared by candidates or their friends.
    8. There should be no tampering with Slides
    9. Slides must be submitted to Administration (Mr. Carter) for approval and then placed in the official slide show.
    10. Staff members are not permitted to campaign for any candidate


    Elections will take place on Tuesday August 30, 2022 during Polar Time.