• Welcome to FRIENDS at Strausser Elementary.


    What is FRIENDS Time?

    • A regularly scheduled period of time during the school day when teachers/staff gather together with students. We want your child to feel sure that at least one adult in the school is getting to know them, making sure their learning needs are met, and encouraging them to make good choices.
    • We want to build relationships that make your child feel a sense of belonging and community.

    Topics to be Addressed:

    • Digital Citizenship Lessons (internet safety, digital footprint, information literacy, relationships and communication)
    • Building guidance counselor  classroom lessons
    • Kindness, friendship, bullying, personal responsibility
    • Additional topics based on what students indicate they need or want

    Parent Information Presentation on FRIENDS time

    F- Forming

    R- Relationships

    I- Including

    E- Everyone

    N- Never

    D- Ending

    S- Support