Weekly Update

  •  6A Weekly Updates

    Review the summary of events occuring in Community 6A classes. Use the Google Calendar below for all of 6A homework assignments and upcoming assessments. This will be updated Monday mornings.  


    For the week of:  5/20/19

    Mrs. Davis/Mrs. Fentner and Mrs. Laverick:  Students will work on their Similar Figures Poster Project throughout the week. Mrs. Davis's is due on Friday. Mrs. Laverick's is due by Monday if necessary.

    Mrs. Danko/Mrs. Raddish and Mrs. Selinsky: Students will continue working on their Animal Lapbook Project throughout the week. It is due this Friday.  

    Ms. Gregory:  Students will continue in their Ancient Eqypt Unit this week. They will have reading questions and complete a virtual relaity assignment.

    Mrs. Elliott: Students will be presenting their roller coaster project this week.