College Essay

  • Senior English Personal Narrative

    Essay Assignment

    GOAL: Respond in 600 words or less (at least 250) to one of the prompts from the Common Application OR a prompt directly from one of the schools you're applying to OR one of the options discussed in class (27 Offbeat College Essay Prompts from mental_floss, military, cover letter or scholarship).

    • Write in a lively voice as appropriate for the prompt.

    • Be yourself in your essay.

    • Reflect, Reflect, Reflect on your situation. Make meaning from what you've written – the bigger picture from your story. Do not focus on every detail of your story...big picture: when the light bulb in your head went off; the moment you knew...

    Header: Last name (insert page number)

    Heading: MLA Heading (you know this)

    DeLuca 1

    Lynn DeLuca

    Mrs. Gregory                                                           NOTICE THAT I HAVE CONSISTENTLY DOUBLE SPACED :)

    English 12

    19 September 2017

    Prompt goes here

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    Prompt: Instead of a title, type the question prompt you're answering. Your essay will follow the prompt.

    Cover letter/scholarship: I will give you the format.

    Spacing: Double space your essay.

    Font: Times New Roman or Arial; 12 point

    Word Count: Put the phrase “Word Count:” and your word total at the end of the essay.

    **Highlight ONLY the essay, and count only those words. DO NOT count your heading or your prompt.

    ADVICE ~ Whichever prompt you chose, make sure you are looking inward. What do you value? What has made you grow as a person? What makes you a unique individual?  The best essays spend significant time with self-analysis (reflection), and they don't spend a disproportionate amount of time merely describing a place or event. Analysis, not description, will reveal the critical thinking skills that are the hallmark of a promising college student.

    Common Application:


    • Break down of the common app prompts and how to tackle each one:

    27 Offbeat College Essay Topics:

    31 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Examples: read the page!

    TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th: Must select Common App prompt OR bring in alternative essay prompt. (5 process points)

    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st: Must upload completed Draft One to by 11:59 PM (25 process points)

    TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th: Must complete peer review and bring back in the feedback by your class period (15 process points)

    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th: Must upload FINAL COLLEGE ESSAY to by 11:59 PM (50 product points)