Sample IDs
  • As a way to increase security and efficiency on school campuses, Jackson Local School District now will require all students to wear a JLSD-issued identification (ID) at all times. This ID is similar to the IDs worn by every teacher and staff member throughout the district. The student ID provides greater efficiency for students when interacting with various district services including the library, cafeteria, and transportation.

    Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding student IDs.  

    Q: Will the Student IDs be used to track students?

    Students will not be tracked using the student ID. While the student ID does have a passive RFID chip, there are no readers inside the school for the purpose of identifying a student's location. The RFID chip can be used for transactions in the cafeteria in an effort to reduce the surfaces the students touch when they progress through the lunch line. Also, as students get on and off school buses, the RFID will be read by a reader, which will log the time and location where a student got on or off the bus. Logging of bus riders has been put in place to increase the safety of students, particularly for younger students, who may get off the bus at the wrong stop.

    A bar code on the face of the ID can be used when the student checks out materials from the district's libraries and a QR code can be used by our K-5 students to facilitate logging on apps on the student’s Chromebook.

    Q: What information is stored on the student ID?

    There are three "containers" on the student ID that store information: 1) an RFID chip, 2) a QR code and 3) a bar code. The RFID chip stores a random number that is linked to the student in JLSD databases. The QR code generates a hash value used by K-5 students to log on to their Chromebooks. The barcode contains a number assigned by JLSD called the student ID number. Other than these values, no personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, grade, campus, social security number, etc, is digitally stored in the student ID.

    Q: How does the RFID chip work?

    The student IDs use passive RFID, which means it does not emit any type of signal unless it comes in close proximity to a RFID reader, about 1 - 2 inches. The only readers the district uses are located on the buses to log when and where students get on and off the bus and in the cafeteria.

    Q: Why is Jackson Local School District implementing a student ID program?

    Student IDs allow students to be visually identified as a JLSD student by displaying a district-issued picture ID card, which increases the accountability of students as it pertains to safety and security.

    The ID cards also allow greater efficiency for students when interacting with various services on campus such as the library, cafeteria, and transportation.

    Q: Who is required to wear an ID?

    All students are required to wear their ID.

    Q: What is the ID used for?

    IDs are used to easily identify each student, as well as make campus services more efficient. For example, students will use their ID badge when checking out a book in the library, paying for their meal in the cafeteria, and scanning on/off the bus.

    Q: Do students have to wear their IDs during after school hours or during extra-curricular events?

    No. Students are only required to wear their ID during the school day.

    Q: What if my child loses his/her ID?

    All students are provided their first ID card at no expense. But should the ID be lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement must be promptly purchased for $8 from their designated school office.

    Q: What if my child forgets his/her ID?

    It is imperative that all students wear their student ID every day that they physically attend classes. If a student forgets his/her student ID, a temporary ID will be issued to the student to be used for the day.  

    Q: Does my student have to use the district-issued lanyard?

    All students will receive a Jackson Local School District-provided lanyard with his or her student ID. You are not required to use this lanyard and may purchase a different lanyard of your choosing. However, any personal lanyard must be school appropriate.

    The only requirement is student IDs must be visibly worn on the upper part of the body.

    Q: How do IDs make my child's campus safer?

    IDs easily identify students from the district. This allows administrators and campus staff to not only identify students, but also those who do not belong on campus. The student ID also allows students to be quickly identified in the event of an emergency on campus.