•  Senior American Government

    Jackson Citizenship Activity

    This Citizenship Activity will require you to activity participate in local government. Your citizenship activity is a collection of knowledge, political participation and community service activities. It is also a place to reflect on your understanding of community issues and what you can do or have done toward alleviating these problems. You will keep a record of these activities with the various sheets provided.


    Community Meeting (20 points)

    You will be required to attend ONE Community Meeting per semester. Along with attending the meeting you will fill out the appropriate form to be included in your portfolio. Credit will not be given if you do not stay for the entire meeting or if you do not conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Here is a list of potential meetings you could attend:

    • Township = Trustee,, Parks, Zoning, Zoning Appeals, Public Safety, Highway Advisory Committee, & Jackson School Board
    • City Council = Massillon, North Canton, Canton, Green, etc.

    **Any other meetings not listed here must be approved by Mr. Michel

    **For a list of Meetings please click HERE


    Community Service (30 points - or 6 points for each hour)

    You will be required to work fix hours of Community Service each semester. Community Service during each semester should be geared to those most in need. As result the only place and organizations that will be acceptable during each nine weeks are: Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross (donating blood 1 hour), Salvation Army, Stark Sharks, Pegasus Farms, Stark MRDD, Meals on Wheels, Soup Kitchens, Senior Citizens’ Homes, Recycling Center, Akron Hope, etc. Community service associated with other groups you belong to, whether school-related or not, will not be accepted.

    **Any other organizations must be approved by Mr. Michel


    This is due on Friday, December 14th!

    **All forms are uploaded onto POLARIS