Student of the Week


    On “Memories” Monday the Student of the Week will bring in a couple of their favorite pictures to share with our classmates. These pictures can be of family, pets, hobbies, etc. I will send these home on the following Monday. (Today will be your child’s “show and tell.” Whatever they are interested in, they can bring and show.)

    On Tuesday the Student of the Week will bring their favorite book. I would ideally LOVE for a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. to come in right before lunch and read it to the class. This will show our students our partnership for their education. However, if it is impossible for someone to come, let me know and I’ll gladly read it aloud for our class.

    On Wednesday the Student of the Week will bring a note that you have written to your child. I will read this note aloud to the class. You can put things that you believe are amazing and unique to your child like their hobbies, and the things you love most about them. You want to let them know how proud of them you are. I will keep these letters and do something special with them at the end of the year!

    On Thursday the Student of the Week will receive a special note from the class complimenting them on what amazing people they are.

    On Friday the Student of the Week will share their favorite snack with our class.