Subscription Resources

Subscription Resources

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Here is a comprehensive list of our online resources, including those available through Jackson Local Schools and INFOhio.
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Grade  Link to Resource Title Description


for INFOhio
Searches all INFOhio resources at once--a huge time saver.
All Digital Video Collection  Digital Video Collection from INFOhio Videos for fun or class, watchable on any device.
All Go Math!  Go Math! 
Online textbook for Go Math! and interactive activities like e-manipulatives, and real world videos.
PreK-2 Speakaboos  Speakaboos Provides richly illustrated storybooks with animated characters, interactive content, and story-driven games. 
PreK-3 Early World of Learning  Early World of Learning
(World Book)
Stories, nursery rhymes, games, and videos.
PreK-5 Explora  Explora (EBSCO) Find info about any topic. Includes magazines, newspapers, biographies, primary sources, country info, and images.
PreK-3    BookFlix
Listen to and read books, both fiction and nonfiction. Books are paired by topic.
3-5 World Book Kids   World Book Kids Easy-to-read articles, illustrations, images, and interactive games.
3-5 TrueFlix  TrueFlix
Listen and read to nonfiction books.
3 and up IWonder  IWonder
Collects websites, hand-picked by Ohio school librarians, for students to use for personal or academic research. 
4th grade only Storia  Storia (Scholastic) A collection of 160 ebooks for 4th grade only. Classroom teachers must set up student access.
5 Science Companion Ebooks  Science Companion eBooks Provides digital access to Energy and Nature's Recyclers. 
5 and up World Book Student  World Book Student Includes World Book Encyclopedia, World Book Dictionary, and World Book Atlas. Start your research here.
5 and up World Book Timelines  World Book Timelines View pre-made interactive timelines or map your own timeline of events.
5 and up Biography Reference Bank 
Biography Reference Bank (EBSCO) Provides great articles and images on important people throughout history. Recommended for 5th grade and advanced learners.
5 and up Science Online 
Science Online
(Facts on File)
Articles on science, math, and technology as well as diagrams, videos, experiments, biographies, and images.