My Homework

  • Be sure to check your child's weekly newsletter for specific homework assignments. Here is a general guideline.

    Monday- Thursday Nights: Reading - It is important for your child to practice their reading strategies every day at home.  The most common reading homework will be the “Book-in-a-Bag.”  Your child will come home with a book in a Ziploc bag to read.  It is important that your child reads the book, someone signs the “Lucky Listener List” and it is returned to school the next day, so they can switch it out for a new book.  Other reading assignments may include reading their library books, online programs such as Big Universe, a book from home or from my classroom.

    Friday: Poetry Folders - Throughout the week, we will read and study a new poem and add it to our Poetry Folder.  On Fridays, the Poetry Folders go home for homework.  Please read through the poem and complete the short activity on the back of the poem. These are due every Monday!

    Math: Due on Fridays - There will be homework assignments from our math program each week.  I will list the assignments in the weekly newsletter. They are due the following Friday, although they can be turned in at any time throughout the week.  Please remind your child to write their name on their homework before they turn it in!