• Important Dates to Remember

    4th: Sauder Art Club— K-2nd 
    6th: 1st Grade Dr. Seuss Centers 
     “Battle of the Books”—1:45 PM 
    7th: Guys Game Night 6:00-8:00 PM 
    7th: Yearbook order deadline
    10th-13th: Spring Book Fair 
    11th: PTG Meeting 9:30AM 
    13th: Book Fair Family Night 5:00-8:00PM 
    17th: Grade 5 Concert— JCPA 7:00PM 
    17th-21st: Goodwill Project Recycle 
    18th: Board of Education Mtg. 6:00PM—JHS 
    18th: Sauder Art Club—3rd-5th Grade 
    21st: End of 3rd Nine Weeks 
    24th-28th: NO SCHOOL Spring Break 

    Important News
    Due to the amount of snow days we have experienced this year, the state has decided to move the OAA dates back a week; therefore, the dates we will be taking the test have changed.
    Monday, April 28th- Reading OAA
    Wednesday, April 30th- Math OAA
    Friday, May 2nd- Science OAA

    What is going on in class?
    Blackstock Math- We are wrapping up chapter 10 in the Go Math series and will have it finished on March 7th.  Students who have taken the test or mastered the pre-test have been working on projects and analyzing data. They are doing a great job working independently.   After we complete chapter 10, we will embark onto chapter 11, which is the final chapter in the series.  Chapter 11 is all about measurement; area, perimeter, volume, etc...  My expectation, is to finish the Go Math book by spring break.  After spring break, the students will begin creating a "How to Book" for the fifth grade common core standards.  My students completed the books last year, and they turned out wonderfully.

    Fritz Math- We are currently in Ch. 9 and working on graphing skills.  This includes plotting and naming points on coordinate grids; reading, creating, and interpreting line graphs; and determining number patterns.  We will then do a mini unit on line graphs and circle graphs.  These concepts are not covered in our book, so I will be pulling from some supplemental materials.  

    Language Arts/Reading- We are working on different reading comprehension skills using a new program that we purchased called, Learning Farm.  All of the fifth grade students have access to Learning Farm and they all have an individual password.  The program keeps track of their scores on each topic, which helps us understand how they are growing and on what topics they need to focus.  Since they have an account on Learning Farm, they are also able to use it for math.  The students have access to any subject area at any grade level.  We encourage them to use it as much as possible.

    Social Studies-We are in the middle of learning about the 13 colonies and will be wrapping them up in the middle of March with a test.  After we finish the colonies, we will get into the Revolutionary War.  Hopefully, the students will be engaged with the Revolutionary War discussions and activities.

    Science- We have wrapped up our study of thermal energy and will move on to electrical energy.  This is wonderful unit where the students will complete many hands on activities to guide their learning and understanding.  We will then begin exploring sound energy before leaving for spring break.