• Important Dates in FEBRUARY: 

    3rd: Yearbooks on Sale! 

    3rd-7th: Kindergarten Registration 

    10th: 100th DAY of School

    6th: Jump Rope Club Begins 

    8th: Winter Cheer Camp 12:30-2:30 PM 

    11th: PTG Meeting 9:30 AM

    11th: Valentine’s Day Parties (K, 2nd & 3rd) 

    12th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

    13th: Valentines Day Parties (1st, 4th & 5th) 

    14th: NO SCHOOL

    17th: NO SCHOOL

    20th: Parent/Teacher Conferences 

    28th: “Me and My Guy” Night 7-9:00 PM 

    28th: Last day to order Yearbooks

    What is going on in class?

    Blackstock Math- We are in the middle of chapter 9 in the Go Math book.  We took the pretest for the chapter and 8 students mastered it.  The students who master the pretest have been given a project where they are collecting data and displaying it in a graph.  They are also analyzing the data they collect.  The students who are working through the chapter are working at their own pace and can take the test whenever they are ready.  Students are highly encouraged to take the practice test before they complete or attempt the final test.  After chapter 9, we are going to move into converting units of measurement.  
    Fritz Math-Students are pre-testing their knowledge on chapter 6 and will continue learning all about fractions.  Some students are mastering the pre-tests, and they will work on projects to extend and apply their knowledge of the skills.  After we finish fractions, we will work on data collection and analysis.
    Language Arts- We are working on our vocabulary skills by learning Latin and Greek roots.  Students will have a weekly test on Friday to assess what they learned about the root of the week.  In reading, students are reading novels and completing projects when they are finished reading.  
    Social Studies- We are finishing up chapter 4 in the textbook and are moving into the 13 colonies.  Students will continue to work through the chapters at a pace of about 1 chapter per two weeks.  We hope to get through the Revolutionary war before the end of the third nine weeks. 
    Science- We are beginning our unit on heat transfer.  We will do many hands on activities and take a few quizzes to assess what they are learning in the classroom.